The MSJ Bursary Fund and Coronavirus

Please help us now …

Coronavirus has stopped the world as we know it and the economic impact is being felt across the globe. When long-standing, global companies are feeling the chill, it is not surprising that smaller enterprises, usually strong and robust, are caught up in the ripple effect.

Some of our parents find themselves in this situation through no fault of their own. Whether they are company owners or employees, they cannot control the bigger picture around them, and, for some, business has nosedived almost overnight. Even the most well-thought out business contingency plans could not have planned for the economic shockwave that coronavirus has created. Meanwhile, government has acknowledged that despite their emergency measures to help individuals and businesses, around 20% of the working population fall outside of this safety net.

Finding yourself in this situation is frightening, lonely and overwhelming. Even more so when you know that your child’s education is at stake. We all recognise that for children, their world revolves around school – it is their cornerstone, their second home as much as a place of education, where their friends and support system is, the teachers and House staff they know and trust, and where they get a sense of validation, belonging and security. No parent wants to take this rug out from under their child’s feet.

But for some of our parents, this is what they are facing. As a school, we want to help them and so with immediate effect we have set up an Appeal to be able to provide support. Now, perhaps more than ever, your generosity will have an immediate impact. Money donated to the bursary fund will make it possible for some girls to stay with us who otherwise will be facing an uncertain future.

If you can afford to donate to this, we would love to hear from you. Every donation counts. Already, we help over 25% of our parents with bursary provision of some kind, amounting to over £500k per annum on average. We will continue to support our Malvern St James families as best we can. We have no endowments to draw on for bursary support or other investment, so we must manage this within our means. We are appealing to all in our community – including our Old Girls, Honorary Members and Past Parents – to help us if you possibly can.

We realise that there are many charities appealing for donations at present, and not everyone will be able to give, but we thank you for considering us.

Please email Fiona Meredith, Development Director, for further information or call 07905 762407 / 01684 584613.

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