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Sarah Morley, MGC 1987 Leaver

Having spent most of my time at MGC on the sports fields, followed by a happy three year period romp through History at Cambridge, I found myself qualified for quite a lot in general but very little in particular. Whether this led to the disjointed ‘thing’ that is my career, or whether it was merely indicative of how it was always going to be, I don’t know. But what I do know is that it’s been fun, immensely rewarding, constantly surprising, far from dull, and has the interesting side effect of meaning I’m never too far from a common cause with anyone I’m plonked next to at dinner parties!

So, seeking excitement after school, I joined the Army. Sandhurst led to my being posted to serve in the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment in London, as the first woman to do so. One Short Service Commission later, I returned to studying, and took up the place at Cambridge University to read History.

That led, much to my supervisors’ chagrin and exhausted brain cells’ delight, to marriage to an Army Officer and a beach posting to Cyprus. The latter bid farewell to any City/PR career prospects I might have been entertaining, so I turned to journalism instead – which could be done from wherever I happened to be and could continue around the three babies who appeared in quite quick succession. Blagging and pure luck led to my being taken on by The Daily Telegraph, amongst others, as a freelance feature writer.

Fast forward a few years, many articles and a few PR desks later, and I found myself with increasingly independent children, a husband now permanently in the UK, and the itch to start a home-based business which somehow drew together my various skills. 

The House of Mutt dog boarding was born in 2010; and within a month was taken on by Harrods, concierge company Quintessentially, and a fair few glitterati of London.  We are, apparently, the best there is! Every day is different, the alpha owners are invigorating, the dogs are calming, the TV cameras call quite often. It’s fun.

What does success look like?

Heaven knows!  Happiness, job satisfaction, getting enough confidence from whatever you’re doing to enable you to set about growing it.

What is your best piece of advice?

Just do it. Prevarication doesn’t get much done.

Have a plan – but know it’s fine to change it.

Think big.  Always aim for the top of whatever tree you’re circling at the time.

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