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Malvern St James 2013 Leaver

The green hills and red stone walls were the first things I set eyes on when pulling up to MSJ for the first time. I distinctly remember being dropped off at Hatfield, aged just 11, and can still remember the fear I had rushing over me as my parents drove away. I thought to myself, “This is a terrifying new experience, how am I ever going to fit in?” Little did I know that being at Malvern would shape me into the strong, independent and fearless individual I am today.

My time at Malvern is something I will never forget: the opportunities for academic teaching, friendships to be made for life, and something close to my heart - the SPORT. I was hooked on Lacrosse from the day I picked up the stick. I went on to play at county level, regionals and for several years I represented my country at the World Championships and achieved UK Player of the Year.

MSJ allowed me to be independent and this has let me blossom into everything I am today. Many wouldn’t believe me if I told them exactly how shy and timid I was when I first got to school - In direct contrast to the person I am now, being watched on screen by millions of people worldwide, delivering the biggest Esports titles.

I started my broadcasting career as a full time Presenter for Gfinity, allowing me to grow and develop my style within Esports, an industry that is famously underpopulated with females. I have established myself as a respected Host for numerous triple A titles; following London Call of Duty events, I built my way up with the Gfinity Elite Series reporting Counter Strike and Street Fighter 5 for four consecutive seasons, which aired on BBC3 and BT Sport. I am the current Anchor for Halo, hosting the Halo Championship Series for 343 and Microsoft, reporting on the final Halo 2018 Finals and the Halo 3 2v2 Showdown. I cover Fortnite, Forza, Fifa19 … the list goes on.

Esports is a tough place to be as a woman. But I believe It can change and I hope to do my part in effecting that change. The number of women out there playing video games is colossal but underestimated, and there are successful careers waiting for them all. If you want to do something in life, there should be Nothing that stops you and especially not your gender.

What does success look like?

Having a dream and fighting for it and doing whatever it takes to make it a reality; MSJ and its motto “Vincit Qui Se Vincit” truly inspires and allows us to conquer all our fears.

What is your best piece of advice?

Don’t ever tell yourself you can’t! MSJ always told me I could and they believed in me, which is why I am where I am today. Take the once-in-a -lifetime opportunity you have at school and use it to shape yourself for the future. Remember to always fight for what you believe in and never give up.

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