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Elizabeth Scott, St James’s 2005 leaver

Malvern Alumnae 100 Elizabeth Rita

I am an outrageous dyslexic but St James’s taught me how to overcome it and turn it into an advantage, which I am forever thankful for. They honed in on my artistic skills which led me to gain a BA Honours in Theatre Design and an ITEC Diploma in Fashion, Theatre and Media Hair & Make-Up from Shepperton Studios in London. 

I joined a London make-up agency within a year and a half after leaving college which is very rare; I still thank my lucky stars for this fantastic opportunity and I am still with my wonderful agent today after 10 years.  

Now for a bit of celebrity name-dropping! I’ve painted such faces as Rita Ora, Sam Smith, Snow Patrol, Jonas Blue, The Vamps, Steps and even, somewhat incongruously, proper old school actors like Richard E Grant and Robert Lindsay. I have also been part of the make-up team for Taylor Swift, Rihanna & Katy Perry.  Moreover I have recently been reunited with one of St James’s very own stars, Jennifer Kirby from Call the Midwife. Some of my favourite TV shows to my name include X Factor, The Voice, Britain’s Got Talent and Strictly Come Dancing.

One mega-label for which I designed hair & make-up for their London trunk shows for three years running, was Christian Dior. This was a massive achievement for me and a real stepping stone in my career. Over the last two years I have been working with the powerhouse skincare brand Nivea as their ambassador. This has included lots of presenting to large audiences here and abroad, which St James’s prepared me for over the seven years. I have also been interviewed in a lot of magazines and written my own articles, which, for a dyslexic, was one of my biggest fears but also one of my best achievements. 

What does success look like?

For some people success can be measured by setting out goals and achieving them. However, I have never had specific life goals, but I can safely say everything I have ever done, whether it be work or pleasure, I have always given 110%.

I firmly believe that bringing enthusiasm and hard work to every single day will keep you on the road to success. This road is what success looks like, it is not always the end results. 

What’s your best piece of advice?

My parents have always told me “Try your best at everything, that’s all anyone can ask”. 

Secondly choose a career you love as life is too short to do something you hate.

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