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Friends of Malvern St James

Malvern St James School Building

The Friends

of Malvern

St James 

The Friends of Malvern St James

The Friends of MSJ is a vibrant committee led by parents, with daughters at different stages in the School.

We work closely with MSJ teachers and the Senior Leadership Team to identify and fundraise for items that benefit pupils but fall outside of normal School budgets. As of 2021, in the past 5 years the Friends have raised the very significant sum of over £40,000 to invest in various projects.

It is not just about fundraising – the Committee is also there to support social life amongst parents at the school, and as well as fundraisers, our events are designed to make friends amongst parents in your own year group and the wider school. We aim to have at least one Friends Representative in each year group who will network with other parents. We hope to be able to host refreshments/ Drinks at school where we can meet you and talk some more, so please look out for further information by email. Whether you are a parent who has been with us for a long time, or a new parent, do come along! We will also be working on ways that we can involve parents who live abroad.

The Friends have traditionally raised funds through the sale of second-hand uniform and small events aimed at bringing the school community together. Since the uniform changed in 2021, these funds have decreased dramatically. We will adapt our fundraising strategy accordingly until second-hand uniform picks up again as stock levels increase. We may also look to diversify and fund a smaller number of bigger projects, rather than multiple small projects.

The Friends Chair as of September 2022 is Mrs Ali Capper: we wish her well and thank her for dedicating time to the Committee and to the school. 

Please keep an eye out for future Friends events.

If you would like to find out more, please email Ali Capper or call Fiona Meredith/ Molly Hughes (+44) 01684 892288