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Malvern St James Seniors Years 7 - 9

MSJ Seniors Year 7 - 9

Our broad and diverse curriculum in these years at Malvern St James encourages girls to explore their subjects and develop their passions and interests whilst starting to acquire the skills and knowledge they will need for the GCSE years ahead.

In Year 7 pupils study English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Art, Design and Technology, Drama, Food & Nutrition, French, Geography, History, Computing, Latin, Music and Religious Studies. In Year 8 pupils have the choice to take up a second language. This may not be an appropriate route for all pupils and so there is the option where applicable to allocate these lessons to one-to-one lessons for Learning Support or EAL support.

For Years 7-9 lessons are taught mainly in form groups apart from sets in Maths, the Sciences, French and Latin. In Year 9 the GCSE course commences in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths and Careers Education and Guidance comes to the forefront of the PSHE programme to support girls in their GCSE choices. There are also beginner classes available in French and Latin for those girls joining the School in Year 9 who have not previously studied those subjects.

PE & PSHE are core to all three years and often feature team teaching or whole school lessons, as appropriate.