Malvern St James Seniors GCSE

Teaching & Learning at GCSE 

We offer an exceptional choice of subjects at GCSE/IGCSE and support pupils in choosing a broad and balanced selection that allows them to play to their individual aptitudes and aspirations, whilst keeping their options open for the next stage of their academic lives. A mixture of GCSEs and IGCSEs are offered, both are fully recognised by universities and employers. 

Five core examination subjects are taken by all pupils, including either Combined Science (Two GCSEs) or Triple Science (Three GCSEs):

Choosing your GCSE Subject Options

In addition to the five core subjects, we recommend that pupils take a Language and a Humanities subject as well as a Creative Arts or Technology subject, such as Drama or Music. These encourage problem-solving skills, performance skills and lateral thinking skills that future employers will value. If you are an able linguist, you could consider continuing with two languages at GCSE. 

We recommend that girls take 9 GCSEs in total, although some may choose 10. Click the links below to download more information about your chosen subjects. 

All courses are available subject to demand; a course may not run if there is insufficient demand.

Opportunities for MSJ Seniors

In order to ensure a well-rounded education, all pupils also have lessons in PSHEEC, Careers and PE and in addition are allocated periods of Personal Study every week.

Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Arabic and Sign Language may also be taken as paid extras.

A curriculum EAL class is taught for those who would benefit from such provision, as allocated by the Head of EAL. Pupils whose first language is not English can take GCSE and A Level examinations in their own languages, where available. This offer is continued into the Sixth Form.

The Learning Support Department employs a graduated response to meet the needs of each pupil. This includes small group interventions as well as individual support lessons.