MSJ Exam Results

A Level Results 2023

Pupils celebrated achieving places at some of the top universities in the country on the most competitive courses. This includes Medicine at Bristol and Brighton & Sussex Medical School, Biomedical Science at York, Biological Sciences at Exeter, Rural land Management at Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester,  Psychology at Manchester, International Business Management at Exeter, Modern Languages and Culture at Durham, History at Exeter and Graphic Design at Loughborough.

Fifteen per cent of the cohort achieved a very impressive clean sweep of A*s and As. Across all A Levels and equivalent qualifications taken, grades show 31% of pupils achieving A*-A; 62% achieving A*-B and 81% achieving A*-C. Subjects which have a particularly strong showing, in line with MSJ’s reputation for its excellence in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) and its cross curricular approach to combining these disciplines, include Chemistry and Computer Science achieving 50% of grades at A*-A and Art achieving 67% at A*-A.

Pupils taking BTECs in Sport achieved a clean sweep of Distinction Star (D*), the top grade available; and those taking BTEC Food Science and Nutrition all achieved Distinction Star (D*) and Distinction (D), the top two grades, in this subject.

GCSE Results 2023

We are delighted to announce the impressive results our Year 11s achieved in this year’s GCSE exams. The attainment of top grades 9-7 are up on 2019’s pre-Covid levels, as are all grades 9-5.

In Sciences, pupils fared exceptionally well with 66% achieving grades 9-7 in Physics, 76% achieving 9-7 in Chemistry and 62% achieving 9-7 in Biology. Alongside this, in the STEM suite of subjects, Computer Science was 71% of grades 9-7, Maths 50% and Further Maths 67%. 

In Arts and Humanities subjects, 70% of pupils achieved grades 9-7 in Art, 78% in French and 69% in Drama. History saw 75% of pupils achieving grades 9-7, and Latin 80% 9-7.

A significant number of pupils received a clean sweep of top grades, including one pupil who next year will receive the prestigious Founders’ Award bursary scholarship.

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