Malvern St James Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning at Malvern St James

"The girls at Malvern St James are the reason we go to work each day; their successes are our rewards, they are the reason we entered the teaching profession and they are the lifeblood of the school. Their energy, their enthusiasm, their zest for life and desire for learning is what engages us as teachers. The more complex and challenging the questions that are asked, the more engaging and rewarding our role becomes. Laughter and learning go hand in hand and the relationship between pupil and teacher is incredibly special at Malvern St James.

Girls know that they will be pushed and stretched, but equally they know they will be encouraged and supported and their teachers are always willing to go the extra mile to give that individual and bespoke help that they may need. They learn independence and understand the need to review their own progress, to set their own targets, to strive towards their own aspirations; their teachers are there to guide them and put them on the right course, but they learn that with their own hard work, motivation, resilience and determination, that anything and everything is possible.

There is nothing as rewarding as seeing that girl, who was once a shy and perhaps uncertain Year 7, stand before you as she leaves Malvern St James at the end of Year 13, as a confident, articulate and inspirational young woman who is, without a doubt, going to grab life with both hands and make a difference.

Teachers at Malvern St James take huge pride in their all-important role at Malvern St James. They are unreservedly passionate about their subjects and work exceptionally hard to ensure that their teaching practice continually evolves and adapts to the changing needs of education and individual pupil needs. Whether this be embracing advancements in technology and E-learning, or latest innovative pedagogical methods, staff want to do their best and work together to ensure learning and teaching is always at its very best at Malvern St James.

The satisfaction of a great lesson is enormous, and reminds us each day of why we chose to become teachers, where individual progress has been made, where the atmosphere has been purposeful, inspiring and engaging and where questioning has been astute and challenging, where there has been humour, mutual support and shared love for a subject. When they are now motivated to go further, to read more widely and to greater depth, to ask questions that you may struggle to answer, to tell you facts that you may not know, to challenge and debate with you and their peers, then your job as their teacher is done."

Lucy Hutton, Director of Teaching & Learning