Malvern St James Sixth Form Boarding

MSJ Sixth Form Boarding

Boarding is at the heart of Malvern St James Girls’ School and all girls - whether they be full, weekly, flexi, occasional or day boarders - are a part of the boarding community. Boarding adds a special, holistic dimension to the pastoral foundation to the School.

The boarding provision for MSJ Seniors and Sixth Form is distinctive, enhanced by our exceptional team of experienced and dedicated House Staff. We have four boarding Houses for senior girls.

The Sixth Form experience in Poulton (Year 12) and Greenslade (Year 13) offers a warm, empowering and supportive environment, serving as a great transition between School and University life.


Poulton, the Year 12 boarding house, is located on the top two floors of the main school building. This gives our boarders great views, the shortest commute time to school and most importantly never getting wet when going down for meals in the rain. 

Independence is the key to Sixth Form boarding, giving girls the skills they will need for university in a safe and secure environment with staff to support them pastorally and academically. In Year 12, girls have a great deal of autonomy over how they plan their days, with staff to assist to ensure they are striking a good balance between study and leisure time. In Sixth Form girls are able to make excellent use of the schools facilities in the evenings with the library, Sixth Form Centre, Art rooms and gym all open till late for the girls to use as well as the privilege of going to town in the evening for a meal with permission.

Most importantly boarding in Poulton will teach girls to: wash their own clothes; cook meals without setting the fire alarms off; manage their finances and time; ask for help when they need it; understand the value of compromising; learn how to share a fridge with lots of other people; learn what to do when the milk runs out; and finally, to discover that watching funny panda clips on YouTube can always cheer you up.


Greenslade is the transition house for our Year 13 boarders, assisting them to become more independent and ready for university. Located just a short walk from the main school building, we have a newly refurbished House and beautiful grounds.

Each girl in Greenslade has their own bedroom complete with sink and study area. This gives them an area they can make their own and study without any distractions. We also have a range of communal areas for girls to collaborate and socialise in. Breakfast is served every day in House as a Year 13 privilege; this includes a range of freshly cooked pastries, cereals and fruit. Of course, the girls can go to the main School building for a cooked breakfast.

The girls develop their independence through doing their own laundry, managing their time effectively and having the privilege to go further afield with their friends, whether to the cinema or out for meals. In house we arrange a wide range of activities in the communal areas including weekly student meal practice in the kitchens and socials in the ‘Big Sit’. These add to the warm and homely atmosphere throughout Greenslade. The students are encouraged and supported both by the House staff and each other, through a pivotal year that includes applying to university and taking their final exams.