Malvern St James Senior Boarding

MSJ Seniors Boarding

Boarding is at the heart of Malvern St James Girls’ School and all girls - whether they be full, weekly, flexi, occasional or day boarders - are a part of the boarding community. Boarding adds a special, holistic dimension to the pastoral foundation to the School.

The boarding provision for MSJ Seniors and Sixth Form is distinctive, enhanced by our exceptional team of experienced and dedicated House Staff. We have four boarding Houses for senior girls.

Girls in Year 9 - 10 live in Austen, while Year 11 pupils live in Benhams, where greater independence is fostered within a happy, friendly and caring atmosphere. The Sixth Form boarding experience in Poulton (Year 12) and Greenslade (Year 13) offers a warm, empowering and supportive environment, serving as a great transition between School and University life.

Senior Boarding at Malvern St James