Malvern St James Prep Teaching and Learning

MSJ Prep Teaching & Learning

Innovative teaching methods are at the heart of MSJ Prep, often using the specialist teachers and facilities of the senior school, for example science, art, sports and computing. We use a lot of visual, audio and real-life scenarios to extend learning and context beyond the classroom and to nurture critical thinking in all areas of the curriculum.

Teaching doesn't just take place in the classroom - regular school trips based on topics the girls are studying are highly anticipated each term. As part of our programme of activities, girls are given tasks, problems or physical activities that encourage teamwork and co-operation.

"Laughter and learning go hand-in-hand and the relationship between pupil and teacher is incredibly special at Malvern St James. Girls know they will be pushed and stretched, but also that they will be encouraged and supported, their teachers are always willing to go the extra mile to give that individual bespoke help they may require." Director of Teaching and Learning