Malvern St James Prep

MSJ Prep

MSJ Prep spans the four years from Year 3 (age 7) to Year 6 (age 11). Pupils can board from Year 3 and we offer full, weekly or flexi boarding.  All the staff within the Prep support the girls in making a smooth transition from MSJ Pre-Prep into Year 3, MSJ Prep.

When the girls are in Year 6 and getting ready to move into MSJ Seniors, activities such as transition meetings and a Year 6 and 7 pizza party night are arranged, to make sure that our girls are comfortable and supported in the next stage of their learning journey with us.

We believe in developing the life skills of the girls from their very first day with us; always mindful of the years ahead of them beyond school and the need to prepare them for the wider world. This means that as well as their academic achievement and extra-curricular diversity, we develop the soft skills that employers are seeking and a seam of resilience with which to approach the inevitable ups and downs of life.

Girls leave Malvern St James with the right mindset to embrace challenges and to forge rewarding and fulfilling careers.

Malvern St James girls inspire their teachers every day. It never ceases to amaze and impress us how the girls will try so many different things and persevere with determination to discover the things they feel passionate about. Then, there is no stopping them! They influence our planning and learning environment; their thoughts, ideas and plans are displayed across the Malvern St James Prep classrooms and corridors so you can trace their impact. These are young women who won’t just change their learning environment for the better – they will change the world.

The girls feel empowered to be aspirational about their learning, to discuss new ideas with their teachers and to bring fresh and innovative ideas to their learning.

As teachers, we enjoy a wonderful relationship with the girls. Whilst we hold the key to expanding their knowledge and nurturing their unique personalities and ambitions, we learn from each girl’s journey. This breeds a culture of mutual respect.

Our girls are confident, self-assured individuals who contribute to the wider community and understand the importance of compassion.

Malvern St James helps girls develop resilience, poise and self-awareness, preparing them for life beyond school and giving them the confidence to help shape a world they want to live in. They are girls who can confidently take on the world!