Malvern St James Pre-Prep Teaching

MSJ Pre-Prep Teaching & Learning

In MSJ Pre-Prep we have fully embraced the highly successful Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS). We believe this formative stage of life, when your child is rapidly developing, is so crucial.

We provide the necessary time and encouragement to maximise each girls’ true potential, in a creative and enriching environment, always working closely with parents to achieve an outstanding, nurturing and holistic education.


Mrs Jerram

My name is Mrs Jerram and I teach the youngest girls, aged between 3 and 7, at MSJ. I am deeply passionate about early years education and have been supporting the start of learning journeys for over 25 years. 

One thing I cherish most is spending time outdoors, as we venture through our magnificent grounds and discover something new to learn each day. Being part of the whole School community provides significant advantages, as we are an extended family and have access to incredible facilities. When I'm not busy at School, I enjoy exploring the beautiful countryside with Bertie my rather cheeky Vizsla, in addition to spending precious time with my family. 


Discover one of our parents' experiences of Pre-Prep at Malvern St James below. 

Pre-Prep Parent

“Choosing Malvern St James (MSJ) for our daughter was definitely the right decision. Our shy little girl, who we took in on her first day in Reception, has blossomed into a sparky, confident girl who is excited about taking on new challenges.

The girls are given amazing opportunities to find out what their interests and strengths are. They’re encouraged to have a go, even if they don’t always get things right first time. As a result, our daughter isn’t afraid to ask questions, work things out for herself and try new things.

The teaching staff in the Pre-Prep are amazing – supportive, encouraging, fun and approachable (for both the girls and parents!). They’re not afraid to think outside of the box and the girls are encouraged to do the same. Girls are given the chance to be stretched and take on extra challenges in their learning but are supported when they need to be.

We love the fact that our daughter has been given so many opportunities since she started at MSJ – from learning French at the age of four, to taking on research projects and getting to grips with technology.

Our daughter’s favourite subject is Art, because, “I love being creative and using my imagination.” Paintings inspired by the likes of William Morris and Van Gogh have been proudly brought home for display!

Teaching doesn’t just take place in the classroom – regular school trips based on topics the girls are studying are highly anticipated each term. The girls are sometimes taught using the ‘big school’s’ facilities – an exciting treat for them and a wonderful way to help familiarise them with the Senior School.”