Malvern St James Pre-Prep Case Study

Malvern St James Pre-Prep


My friends at Malvern St James Prep are special because they are always there when I need them. They are always happy to play tag and hide and seek with me. There are lots of activities and I always bet we’re going to have a fun time! There are lots of lovely friendly children and very kind teachers and nice big girls who support me.

I feel happy when girls come to MSJ Prep and it’s nice to have new people in my class. I want to play with them and make friends. Lots of people can come and have fun here and when I came everyone was very kind to me. When I first started here I was worried nobody would want to play with me. I was so nervous on Sports Day but my friends were all cheering for me. It gave me strength and I thought I would probably win the race! But I didn’t, so they just gave me a hug and said “keep going and then you’ll win one day”.

There are lots of lovely friendly children and very kind teachers

In our playground, we have a bench we can sit on if we have nobody to play with. If I see someone on the Buddy Bench I say “Will you come and play with me?” and they do. We have all kinds of people here and the better you know a girl the better you become friends – you must always say ‘yes’ to new friends and ‘sharing is caring’. Some friends have blonde hair and some friends have dark hair and one of my friends has lots of freckles. Some friends are quiet and some are noisy like me but all my friends are really nice.