Malvern St James Pre-Prep Co-curricular

MSJ Pre-Prep Co-curricular

We believe that for girls to be all-rounded individuals, co-curricular activities need to be embraced alongside academic studies.

Our trips are key elements of the girls' progress. As part of our programme of activities, the girls are given tasks, problems or physical activities that encourage teamwork and co-operation. The girls support one another in these challenges, understanding the importance of inclusion and developing teamwork skills for life.

The extra-curricular clubs on offer vary from term to term, as we tailor these to the girls interests and the time of year, for example in the Summer Term, there will be more outdoor clubs making the most of our school grounds. We encourage our girls to voice their suggestions. Our wonderful Prep Ambassador put forward a proposal to teachers about running a club for the Pre-Prep with the support of a teacher. We were thrilled at her excellent initiative and together we ran a very successful Slime Club.

Examples of Pre-Prep and Prep Activities 

  • Ballet
  • Dance
  • Music Lessons
  • Prep Orchestra
    • All years - but must be learning an instrument and be at least Grade 1 standard
  • Riding (Years 2-6)
  • Sports Clubs (these vary from term to term)
  • Young Investigators