Malvern St James Boarder


Head Girl 


"Welcome to Malvern St James (MSJ). My name is Hajer and I am delighted to welcome you as an Old Girl and Head Girl of MSJ 2018-2019.

There really is nowhere else where girls are so wonderfully themselves. At MSJ, girls are encouraged to pursue whatever interests they have, whether that's in Art, Drama, Sport, Music, Riding, Pottery, Coding etc. The list is endless, there is such a large range of opportunities that you can take up, all of which will help to enrich your school experience. That’s just the spirit of the school - Malvern St James is not just a school but a community.

Every experience is one of growth that will contribute to the girl that you become when you leave. While here I can say that there is easy access to different challenges and opportunities, for example, MUN and Drama have really given me essential skills. At A Level, I studied French, Economics, English Literature and Drama. I loved all my subjects but I don’t think I would have loved them so much if I wasn’t studying them at MSJ. All my teachers provided the necessary support and stimulation in order to help me through my studies, as well as helping me to cultivate a deeper interest in my subjects. But even outside the classroom, I never stopped learning. The wide range of different activities and societies are on offer for anyone to try their hand at something new.

Boarding at MSJ was definitely one of my highlights of being at MSJ. It is a great way to connect with different people and understand them better. I would definitely say it awakened my sense of curiosity about different cultures and improved my people skills. The friends you make when you board practically become your family and it’s definitely been one of the best aspects of my school experience, and I just love knowing that I have friends for life as a result of being here."