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On Tuesday 17th May, some very excited Year 3 - 6 girls from the MSJ Prep took a trip to Resorts World in Birmingham to take part in Young Voices.

Having been described as the largest school choir in the world, up to 8,000 children pack the arenas to sing their favourite hit tunes.

All pupils that came along had been practicing a variety of songs in their Performing Arts lessons, and after performing these to staff and Pre-Prep on Monday afternoon, they were ready for the real thing! They enjoyed an afternoon of rehearsing with over 5,000 other pupils from over 120 different schools.

At 7 pm, the MSJ parents joined us and the concert started. Pupils (and their teachers!!) sang their hearts out and danced along. We got to watch several different performances, including Connie Talbot and Urban Strides.

It was a wonderful evening and all staff were very proud of how the girls conducted themselves!