If all the world should shun your guilty face,
And all life run at the flick of your hand
And if everything you knew was to leave you,
Declaring you evil as they turned their backs,
Locking their doors and leaving you
Shut out in the cold of their hate.
I would ask:
Do you see what you have done?
Do you see who is wrong?

Oftentimes the answer might be that they are.
Other times it might be you.
I can see your identity as you fade among the scores of people
All still struggling with themselves.
Because whether you be in the wrong or not,
You may soon learn change is your personality.
Change has made you what you are and it will shape you
Like a child playing with a handful of clay.

So if ending up here is by your action or not,
Whether you have taken an iron to the crumples and curves in your body.
Whether you have been shaped and destined to love your own gender.
Whether you were just trying to get some of yourself back.
Or perhaps you defied them.
I only hope that change can bring you better times