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Cheltenham Science Festival Tuesday 4th June

Year 8 pupils visited Cheltenham Science Festival on Tuesday 4th June, accompanied by Dr Jones, Head of Library & Enrichment, and Mrs Whitmore, Head of STEAM. They had some time to look around the site and pop into the activity tents, they had a go at some Forensic science with the University of Gloucester and met speedboat racer Mette Bjerknaes  - they also had the opportunity to get in the boat she races in!

After all this excitement they attended a talk by Economist Hamish McRea to hear about the predictions he has for the future from his book, “The World in 2050”.  He was joined by Dr Mark Lewney who gave them a potted history of predictions throughout the ages, along with some physics! They learned about current predictions for population size, economic influence and climate change and what that could mean for us in the future. At the end of the session, there was time for questions and two of our pupils wanted to know when the world was going to end – we got answers from a philosophical perspective and a scientific perspective.

It was a great experience and the pupils had the opportunity to buy a book and get it signed by the author

Year 8s commented that:

“It was a fascinating experience learning about the world’s population and the predicted future!”

“The talk was interesting the speaker spoke about the future and also the past. he explored different possible futures which was good.”