Our Year 8 Teen Tech Finals 2024

Written By Victoria, Stephanie, Sophia, Bethan, Hannah, Isla & Sophia

TeenTech started when Dr Jones, Head of Enrichment at MSJ told us about the challenge last November:  to create a product that does not exist on the market and that could make life, better, easier, or more fun. We searched for big problems in the world, and we also thought about what we would like to change. We came up with some great ideas, researched and designed prototypes put it all in a PowerPoint with details about our project, and submitted it at the end of March.

We received a lot of feedback that helped to develop and improve our PowerPoint and prototype – and we got through to the finals! This was a big opportunity so we worked very hard to develop our ideas and finish our prototypes. We received help from teachers in Computing with coding, and in Design and Technology with building our designs. Our entire year submitted their ideas but just seven people or 3 teams got to the finals. Everyone was excited and nervous for the finals. We worked hard through the entire year, and we were proud of ourselves to get through.


The Finals

Today we went to the TeenTech finals awards. We arrived at the incredible IET building in London after taking a 2h30min train journey, a 15min journey on the underground, and then a 5min walk. Dr Jones and Mrs Rolfe insured we were supported and helped us throughout the day.


Once we arrived at the venue, we began setting up our stall. We had to stick all our information onto the back and sides of our stands. Once we were happy with our stall, we could properly begin.



Project: CUBIE – a homework reminder (Year 8 project)



Project: Project Buddy – an app for collaborating with other schools on projects, prep, and hobbies (Year 8 project)



Project: TreeTech – a device for protecting trees from damage (Year 8 project)

Category: HEALTH

Project: Medi-Trace – an epi-pen case that gives an alert (Year 9 project)



One part of TeenTech I enjoyed was being able to talk about and compare our projects with other groups in the finals. I found it fascinating to listen to other teams and the way they had tackled their problem. Everyone there was super friendly and seemed genuinely interested in sharing their ideas with us.



The judges came around each stall and they asked questions about our prototypes and ideas for the future. They gave us really helpful feedback and were nice and interested in our projects.



The awards ceremony was in the afternoon after the judging had taken place. It lasted for 1 hour and 45 minutes! We sat on comfortable chairs and every two categories, the announcer changed depending on the category. There were guest judges from tech, entertainment, and specialist industries sharing their favourite tech ideas and moments – there was even a dog robot.


These are our thoughts on  TeenTech


Bethan: “It was a unique experience and is worth doing it again.”

Hannah: “It was an honour and amazing experience.”

Isla: “I enjoyed this experience; I would recommend it to my friends.”

Sophia.D: “It was good for our futures.”

Sophia.L: “It was a great day, loads of fun.”

Stephanie: “The factors that made TeenTech memorable, were socialising with other schools.”

Victoria: “TeenTech was exciting and interesting.”

Sadly, no one won but we will never forget the experience that Malvern St James gave us. Just getting to the finals was a great achievement!


It was a long journey home but we had a great day. We expanded our knowledge in our respective areas, pushed ourselves to work harder to improve projects using feedback, and socialised with other students and judges to improve out pitching skills.


Our Year 9 Teen Tech Finals 2024

By Izzy

During my second experience of TeenTech, I went through so many emotions including elation, relief as well as confusion, at times.

As we started our project early on in September we had a lot of time to prepare and adapt our project, which was an experience in itself. I learned so much about, not only my project, but also about myself. I have learned patience, time management and I have grown in self-confidence.

As we discovered that we got into the finals, I felt a wave of relief but also excitement. For the past two years I've been dreaming of finding the time to create something I was so passionate about. This also meant I could showcase my achievements to somebody who would be genuinely interested. As the day went on it became less stressful and enjoyable to talk about the project to others. I'm now happy to say that I feel comfortable pitching my ideas to somebody and being able to speak without missing anything out. I'm glad I developed this skill.


When I sat down to watch the award ceremony there was so much excitement running through my veins, but the tension was high when the winners were announced. Initially I was disappointed as I've worked so hard, however I got so much out of the past three days.  I’ve made new friends at the finals, I’ve learned time management and most importantly I’ve learned to innovate and to be creative and believe in my ideas.

This is an experience I can't wait to do again next year!


Izzy and Grace developed Medi-Trace and app that is designed to track when an epi-pen has been used.