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Year 8 have taken part in a project being run by The Royal Society of Chemistry: “Take Charge Global Battery Experiment” in order to highlight the need to transition away from fossil fuel use in the quest to reduce Climate Change impacts on the planet.

The investigation has been designed to focus on Batteries, as the transition to sustainable energy requires the storage of energy, for use in, for example, cars, homes, and businesses. Batteries have a vital role to play in this greener future, and Year 8 have taken part in the investigation looking at solutions in batteries to see which will allow the greatest voltage to flow in a simple circuit.

The battery design is simple yet elegant, using aluminum foil and 2p coins as the electrodes. Solution-soaked cardboard disks completed the circuit, and pupils used voltmeters to record the energy transferred in the cell.

Year 8 discovered that Sodium hydroxide solution gives the highest voltage, and the more cells joined together, the greater the voltage.

Many Chemists around the world are working on enhanced battery technology, and Year 8 have had a small taste of this exciting field of research.