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On the May Bank Holiday, 2021, Year 5 were given the privilege of dressing the Westminster Bank Spring Well. In Malvern, the world-famous water is celebrated each year on May Day by dressing the Wells. Well Dressing dates back to the 12th century, they were dressed as "a token of gratitude for a plentiful supply of water".

This year the theme for Malvern Well Dressing was Planets and Stars.  

Sophie, Year 5 said "We created many pieces of art including 3D planets, galaxy pictures, sun catchers, blackout poetry and a giant spaceman! We worked on the blackout poetry in our English lesson with Miss Townsend and everything else in our art lessons with Miss Prior. 

When we went to the Well to dress it, it was a really lovely atmosphere as everyone helped and many passers-by commented on how much they liked it.  We were really pleased that our Well won silver!" 

Malvern St James Girls' School Well Dressing