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Year 11 had a fantastic and enriching art experience with visiting artist Adrienne Craddock on Saturday14th October. Adrienne Craddock, a professional artist based in Herefordshire, specialises in creating striking prints featuring birds, beasts, and figures that inhabit imaginary worlds inspired by stories, rhymes, or fables.

The day began with an informative talk by Adrienne, where she shared insights into her own career and showcased examples of her work. Adrienne worked closely with the Year 11 artists, individually advising them on selecting appropriate imagery from their sketchbooks to develop into collagraph printing blocks, the use of textured papers, and raised surfaces.

In the afternoon, the pupils had the opportunity to ink up their collagraph printing blocks and use a printing press to produce a variety of colour options. This hands-on experience allowed them to see their artistic visions come to life in print form. The artwork created during this workshop will be a valuable addition to their GCSE coursework, expressing their skills and creativity.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day, and our young artists had the chance to learn from and collaborate with a talented professional. These experiences are truly inspiring and help the pupils develop their artistic talents further.