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On Wednesday 15th June, Year 10 went on a joint Biology and Physics trip to the West Midlands Safari Park, where all had a fantastic day out.

We started the day with an hour and a half safari on our coaches, where we each had a West Midlands Safari Park ranger talk to the pupils about the different animals that were in the park and some of their adaptations and important behavioral and physical characteristics.

This was very informative and we learned about sneezing African wild dogs, the fact that The Lion King has got the pecking order of lions slightly wrong (the one with the darkest mane would be the alpha male), and that every cheetah has different spots, like our thumbprints.

The rangers were full of useful and interesting information and provided an excellent and detailed insight into captive breeding, conservation, and the importance of animal care.

We then had a workshop on Exploring Evolution where pupils got an introduction to the principles of natural selection, speciation and evolution.

We encountered some very interesting ‘Biofacts’, rather than artifacts, including snakeskin (felt like leather), eland horn (made of keratin so looked like rhino horn), and ostrich feathers. Pupils then played an adaptation game where they had to choose adaptations and see which of these were more suitable at different stages of life.

This then finished with an encounter with 2 creatures, Bob and Stan the cockroaches and Angie the Tenrec. Pupils got to ‘stroke’ a cockroach (not something I ever imagined they thought they would do!) and meet Angie, who looked very similar to a hedgehog!

The day finished with an opportunity of exploring physics concepts such as motion, gravity, and energy transfers while enjoying the amusement rides such as Venom and the dodgems and water rides. Some pupils got soaked, others overcame their fear of rides, heights, and speed, while others enjoyed ice cream and exploring the gift shop before we then headed home, tired and happy from a day out and about!

On the whole, pupils had a fantastic day out and only wished that they could have spent longer there! Maybe next year!

Written by Mrs Whitmore, Biology Teacher & Head of STEAM

Pupils commented the following about the day:

"We got to learn something and it broke the day up a bit. The game was interesting and kept things fun. Looking at the animals up close was great and I loved Bob the Cockroach" – Alyssa, about the exploring evolution workshop.


"It was memorable and very exciting. It was enjoyable being trusted to go off in groups independently" – Jemima, about the amusement rides.


"I enjoyed the amusement rides because they allowed me to get over my fear of rollercoasters." – Hannah


"I enjoyed the part where we went on the rides because it allowed me to think about the physics part of the ride and have fun at the same time." – Sabrina