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The Drama Department has formed a partnership with Vamos Theatre Company, which is based in Worcester, and will be coming in for a residency to create and perform a play with our Year 10 GCSE Drama Groups.

Vamos Theatre is unique in the way they deliver their productions. As stated on their website, their “trademark style marries full masks with strong visual design and an original soundtrack.” They are the UK’s leading full mask theatre company and have been performing their wordless, funny productions since 2006.

Vamos productions are based on real-life stories which are socially researched beforehand.

The Year 10 Drama Groups will work with full masks, half masks, and without masks, creating wordless and spoken theatre. This project will result in a production performance on Wednesday 20th October to which parents and friends will be invited.

Juliet Fisher, Head of Drama and Expressive Arts said, "We have worked with Vamos at MSJ for many years, but this is the first time we have had them in for a residency. We have been planning the show for months, with ideas ebbing and flowing between us. Rehearsals start in October, with the Year 10 GCSE Drama having the opportunity to work as professionals, alongside this prestigious and innovative theatre company. It is such an exciting prospect."