• Sixth Form

After a rather turbulent couple of years, we were delighted last week to be able to afford our Year 13 leavers the ceremonious farewell that they so richly deserved.

The Valete Service has long held an important place in the hearts of the MSJ Community as Year 13 formally leaves behind the rigours of timetabled lessons to focus on consolidation and revision for their final examinations. Having negotiated various bubbles and lockdowns, alongside remote learning and physical separation, these pupils merit a special accolade.

At no point have they let the outside world encroaching on their ambition and excitement about their futures. On the contrary, they have risen to the challenges which have come their way and gone on to thrive across a broad range of subjects. With interests as far-reaching as Medicine to Philosophy; Nutrition to Astrophysics; and Criminology to Politics, these girls are role models to those lower down the School.

They inspire others to carve their own path and take the courage to be an individual. We hope that Year 13 enjoyed Valete and the personal dedications delivered by their form tutors, as well as the delicious afternoon tea! We wish them all the very best with their examinations and look forward to seeing them again, on the other side, at Commemoration.