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Jess Williams, Hatfield House Captain, Year 9 Pupil 

"The Hatfield Box of Books is a project that I worked on for Duke of Edinburgh with Mrs Neville’s encouragement. The whole idea of the box of books was that in Hatfield, the boarding house for Years 4- 9, there would be a collection of books that could be accessible to each Year Group all the time.

Instead of going to the library every time a student needed a book because of Covid restrictions not all year groups could come to the library, they could collect one from a box in the boarding house. They are a collection of books recommended by other students and books that Mrs Neville and I thought people would enjoy. 

To collect information about what books, genres, authors and if people like a series of books or a solo book, I created forms online for the students to fill in. I also asked students from different years what they would like to read.

Once the boxes of books had been filled up and delivered to Hatfield, I spoke to everyone and told them where the box was going to be put and showed some of the books to the students. There is a box for Years 4-8 and a separate one for Year 9 so that the appropriate books are read by the right ages.

This box of books is now changed every term, as it is so popular, so there are new books to look at and read. The books in the box range from a classic novel such as Little Women, to a comic book, and those that show fashion or how to draw. It is so lovely to walk through the boarding house and find students reading, it brings a smile to my face to see them enjoying reading."