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Congratulations to Faith and Imogen, Year 8, on winning the ISA STEAM Competition (KS3). 

The competition encourages students to investigate and solve problems from today’s world. The competition encouraged teamwork, thoughtful dialogue and problem-solving.

As part of this project Faith and Imogen created the Environmental Sustainability Club. They created videos and posts to raise awareness of how people can make a difference. 

Faith and Imogen said "For this project, it is not just one problem that we are trying to solve, we are tackling many separate problems within the category of environmental sustainability. These include: recycling, growing your own food, reducing waste, reusing everyday items, reducing bills, energy efficiency and buying from local sellers (food and other items)."

Well done to everyone who took part in the first ISA STEAM Competition. The judges were very impressed with all the entries. 

Visit the ISA Arts website for details of Faith and Imogen's winning entry.