• Sixth Form

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the Somerville Supper this term. It was my first time attending and I approached it with some trepidation, but it ended up being really fun and extremely engaging. The question posed for discussion was “What or who, has had or is having the biggest impact on humans and what are your predictions for the future based on your choice?”.

We started off with an interesting assertion about the idea of hierarchies, which ending up being one of the large topics of the evening. It led us on to question the need, or lack thereof, of hierarchies in society and if they were a natural form for communities to take with examples animal hierarchies being put forward. We also thought about hierarchies in a school setting and if there’s a hierarchy amongst pupils which may resemble structures that exist in the ‘real’ world.

Another dominant subject of the evening was, naturally, feminism. With the release of the Barbie movie in the summer, feminism has become a key issue at the moment as the movie addressed how hard it is to be a woman within a patriarchal society. This then led to the question, “What is the future of feminism?”

There were many other thought-provoking points brought up, such as our society’s growing reliance on electricity which was prompted after a 12-hour power cut that someone a the dinner had recently experienced. Another discussion we had was about music and its impact due to, not only the music itself, but to the ‘idols’ the industry has created and their impact on fans. This led us to discuss the way music is now played almost 24/7 and if this is a means of escapism or just a stimulation addiction.

To conclude, this Somerville Supper left me with new ideas and opinions that I had never considered before, and also questioning my existing ideas and thoughts. We enjoyed a variety of interesting topics covering a wide range of subjects which made for a very rewarding experience.

The discussion was led by Dr Jones, Head of Library & Enrichment, and supported by Miss Connell, Assistant Head of Sixth Form.

Written by  Abigail & Ruqayya