• Sixth Form

Six Sixth Form pupils from Malvern St James Girls' School have been working towards their STEM Crest Gold Award. CREST is a scheme that allows participants to behave and think like scientists and engineers by inspiring them to conduct their own experiments and gather skills that they can transfer into future situations and job roles. 

Sixth Forms on the campus tour at Birmingham University


Year 12 visited the University of Birmingham to complete their synthesis and undertake other exciting experiments. Pupils have been carrying out steps, that can be safely completed at school, to synthesise a novel pyridyl molecular scaffold compound. The compound could be used to produce a wide range of novel chemical API entities, with demonstrated NAV1.7 ion channel activity for the treatment of neuropathic pain, with advantages over current therapeutic classes demonstrated by gabapentin.

Sixth Former, Phoebe, checks her TLC plate.


The final stage of the synthesis needed to be completed at a university and MSJ were delighted to visit the Collaborative Teaching Laboratory at Birmingham University and complete the synthesis of our novel pyridyl molecule under the supervision of Dr. Paul Davies from Birmingham and MSJs Dr. Wilson (a former Research Leader at Pfizer).

The Sixth Formers were joined by pupils from Pershore High School and were able to undertake a number of experiments related directly to (and beyond) the A level syllabus including carrying out a complex TLC experiment varying the composition of the solvent, using an IR spectrometer and being shown their samples being separated on a chromatography column and an NMR spectrum being produced.