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The world of scholarships and bursaries can be seemingly confusing, especially when there is so much else to think about when finding a school for your child.

Here at Malvern St James, we want to make the process simple and clear, as well as being as relaxed and stress-free as possible for your daughter. 

Below is our easy guide to scholarships and bursaries at MSJ.


A scholarship is an award given to a child that has shown exceptional talent in a specific field. It carries a smaller financial reward than a bursary, and they can also be honorary: at MSJ, the maximum fee remission a scholarship can carry is up to 10%. MSJ scholars are offered a wide range of extension and enrichment activities according to their specialism: these include, but are not limited to, mentoring, lectures, competitions, masterclasses, competitions, inspirational speakers. A Malvern St James Scholar is not only someone who can perform at a high standard in their specialism but someone who is passionate in embracing opportunities and encouraging others. 

The areas in which MSJ offers scholarships are Academic, Art, Drama, Flexi-Boarding, Music, Riding, Sport and Technology. We welcome applicants at 11+, 13+ and 16+. 


A bursary is a means-tested financial award, given to a child that fulfils MSJ’s entry criteria. A bursary is designed to enable children to attend a school, where they would not otherwise be able to without financial assistance.

At MSJ, generally, the maximum fee remission a bursary can carry is 40%, although there are some exceptions. 

Did You Know?

A child can receive both a scholarship and a bursary, but the maximum combined remission remains 40%, with the exception of a Founders’ Award recipient. 

The Founders’ Awards 

In Sixth Form, students can apply for the School’s most prestigious scholarship The Founders’ Award, which comes with a means-tested bursary awarded at the Headmistress’ discretion. Girls who receive this award should demonstrate all-round excellence in academic achievement, as well as a very significant contribution to school life and student leadership. This bursary can go over the general 40% fee remission cap. 

How to Apply

The process of applying for a scholarship may be easier and less daunting than you think. Head over to our Scholarships page to read the brochure and find out more about how to apply. 

To find out more about applying for a bursary, visit the Fees and Bursaries page