• Sixth Form

Hi, my name is Victoria, I have been at MSJ for 10 years and I am currently studying Biology, Psychology and Drama.
Being Head Girl is a privilege that I wholeheartedly embrace because it allows me to channel my passion for Women empowerment into actionable initiatives within our school community. I believe that every girl possesses unique strengths and potential waiting to be unleashed, and my mission is to nurture those talents. I am a firm believer that when young women are empowered, they become catalysts for positive change not only within themselves but also in the broader world.

One of my primary goals as Head Girl is to continue encouraging and motivating other girls to recognise their worth and capabilities. Through regular interactions, mentoring, and open dialogue, I aspire to create an environment where every student feels empowered to pursue their dreams, break barriers, and overcome challenges. I understand that motivation can be a powerful force, and I am dedicated to instilling a sense of self-belief in each student, helping them realise that they are capable of achieving whatever they aspire to do.


I’m Romilly and I’m very happy to be Deputy Head Girl this school year. I have been at MSJ since year 7 and I am currently studying Economics, Geography and Politics at A - level. In my spare time I love to read, crochet and play Lacrosse. I am also a flexi - boarder which I love as it gives me the opportunity to be part of the boarding community.

When I first joined MSJ I was in awe of the Head Girl Team and their desire for leadership, responsibility and the opportunity to make a positive impact within the school community. In Year 12 I made the decision to apply for deputy as I wanted to support fellow students whilst fostering change and implementing ideas into the wider school community. I am so thankful toward the school for awarding me the academic scholarship and bursary which in turn provided me with so many more opportunities. In the future I hope to be able to study Business Management at University.

My name is Myrtle, I joined MSJ in year 7 and I am studying Biology, Chemistry and Design Technology at A-level. I am a flexi-boarder, so I get to experience the best of both worlds: day and boarding.

I am a musician and sportswoman, having covered almost every extra-curricular activity offered at MSJ through the years. This has given me a clear idea of my hobbies and true passions: sport, music and medical sciences. The variety of people I’ve met through these has set me up to be a representative of the whole school community. As a leader, both on the sports field and as Deputy Head Girl, I have seen how important it is for a team to have diversity in both talents and perspective. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we were not able to bond as a community, so I will use my leadership privilege to bring the community together, hopefully by holding more whole-school events and opportunities such as Ships’ competitions. 

I am lucky enough to be on a bursary as well as the Academic and Sport scholarships. These opportunities ignited my ambition to be part of the Head Girl Team and give back to the community that has raised me in my most formative years. Through the younger years, the buzz of Head Girl hustings, the commem speeches and mark the Head Girl Teams leave on the school even after they’ve left is unforgettable, and a legacy I hope to continue. After MSJ, I plan to study Medicine, potentially with a gap year beforehand to explore the world and different cultures.

The quote I live by is ‘one day or day one’. It signifies the importance of taking advantage of the opportunities presented to us, realising that change comes from getting started and persevering rather than waiting for the right time. This quote gives me the opportunity to dream big and make those dreams come true.