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Supporting young women in the world of sports.

Pupils had an amazing time at the Girls' Schools Association Girls Go Gold Conference in Reading. This event was incredibly inspiring and educational for young athletes. The Girls Go Gold Conference, being one of the UK's largest celebrations of young women in sport, provided a unique and valuable experience for the girls.

This conference introduces young athletes to role models, expert insights, and practical advice on how to excel in their chosen sports. It helps them understand the dedication, discipline, and hard work required to reach the elite level in sports.

Overall, the experience is pivotal in shaping the aspirations and goals of MSJ's young athletes inspiring them to pursue their passion for sports and strive for excellence.   

Director of Sport, Mrs Leathart, commented:

"Girls Go Gold was a fabulous experience for the girls. It gave them a real flavour of what it takes to be an elite performer. It was an incredibly empowering and inspiring opportunity! Three of our Year 12 Sports Scholars enjoyed a day of inspirational talks and sports masterclasses as part of the GSA "Girls Go Gold" initiative. The event saw some of Great Britain's greatest role models and advocates of women's sport share their stories of how they reached the pinnacle of their careers, and also how they dealt with setbacks such as injury and not being selected. Throughout the day the girls heard talks from Dame Katherine Grainger, Dame Denise Lewis, and Sarah Hunter CBE. Alongside these talks, the girls were involved with sports masterclasses being coached by Olympic Medallists and World Cup netballers. The girls also had a choice of other workshops.  These included advice and guidance about diet, nutrition, and its impact on sporting performance. The girls also attended a workshop about the menstrual cycle from the Well HQ.  This workshop gave the girls valuable insight into what was happening to their hormones during their cycle and how an athlete's menstrual cycle can actually be their superpower!"