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We are delighted to announce excellent GCSE results for 2020.

Mrs Olivera Raraty, Headmistress said “Congratulations to our Year 11 students. I’m very pleased that they have achieved so well in what has been a difficult time for everyone. I know how much hard work they have put into their courses over the last two years. For many, not being able to sit exams was a real disappointment and, particularly since the A level results were announced, there has been much anxiety about the system for awarding grades. Thankfully, the GCSE results have not been modelled as the A Levels were and students can be satisfied that their grades more accurately reflect their performance.”

57% of entries scored a 9-8 or A* grades; 77% of entries scored 9-7/A*-A grades and 99.5% of entries scored 9-4 or A*-C. 41% of girls gained a clean sweep in grades 9-7 or A*-A.

In Mathematics 30% of girls achieved 9s with 62% receiving 9-7. English Language 70% of entries received a grade 9-7 and in English Literature 92% received 9-7.

We’re also pleased to announce strong results were achieved across a number of subjects. The following percentage of girls received 9-7 in the following subjects:

  • 100% D&T Product Design
  • 100% Further Mathematics
  • 92% Art
  • 91% Geography
  • 89% Business
  • 86% French
  • 86% RS
  • 86% PE
  • 83% Biology
  • 78% Chemistry
  • 78% Physics
  • 75% in Spanish History and Latin

We are delighted these results will enable the girls to embark on their sixth form courses with confidence building on a strong foundation of academic achievement and personal success.