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It's been a busy term in the Drama department with Exams taking place, preparation for GCSE and A Levels plus the introduction of Costume Corner. 

Congratulations to everyone who has passed their LAMDA exams this term. In the first session, there were 11 Merits and six Distinctions. We’re waiting with everything crossed for the results from the second session of exams.

On 24 November, everyone in the Senior School took part in TuneUp Tuesday, a national event celebrating the impact of the arts on the development and mental health of young people in the UK.

After watching an inspiring assembly, which featured MSJ’s Art Graduate drawing to the sounds of a classical piano ensemble played by Jasmine in Year 11, everyone spent five minutes taking part in a drawing challenge.

Mrs Fisher (Head of Expressive Arts) and Ms Weissberg (Head of Art and Design) enjoyed looking through the creative results and were very pleased to award prizes to seven creations that they felt best represented the challenge. A number of drawings were also Highly Commended. 

TuneUp Tuesday


As part of their Drama GCSE and A Level, pupils devise and perform pieces that they have written themselves. This term has seen a host of innovative and creative productions, with inspiration coming from a variety of stimuli – from paintings by Vermeer, Munch and Kandinsky, to the current global pandemic and the story of Rapunzel. All of the GCSE and A Level girls are to be congratulated on their finished pieces.

GCSE Drama 

A Level Drama


There’s been a new addition to the Drama Centre, with the creation of Costume Corner. With so many treasures to be found in MSJ’s (recently tidied and sorted!) Costume Cupboard, the Drama Department thought everyone would enjoy seeing and being inspired by a regular ‘exhibition’ of costumes. Themes so far this term have included Christmas plays and pantomimes, Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and April De Angelis’s Playhouse Creatures.

Costume Corner