• Sixth Form

A group of nine Sixth Form students attended the Cheltenham Literature Festival for a day of enriching and interesting COVID-related talks.

The first talk COVID by Numbers gave us an insight into the data from the pandemic, how this can be interpreted and what we can learn from the data – a really interesting and factual take on the last year.

The second talk Vaxxers was delivered by Dr Sarah Gilbert and Dr Catherine Green about synthesising and developing the Astra-Zeneca vaccine and their work with the Jenner Institute at Oxford University. Two incredibly knowledgeable, interesting and inspiring women scientists.

The third talk How to avoid another Pandemic took in views from a range of experts from scientists to global development experts and Public Health experts – sharing their views on what could be done better and how governments can recover from the pandemic.

It was a fascinating day, with lots of useful information and conversations being had – and the weather was perfect too!