• Senior
  • Sixth Form

Senior School and Sixth Form pupils took part in the Great Big Lesson for Climate and Nature: Live from COP26. The interactive lesson was broadcast on YouTube, for all Secondary Schools, Sixth Forms, and Colleges across the UK to take part in.

The live discussion ran from 09:00 until 10:00 and dove into several interesting topics which no doubt stirred curiosity and raised awareness on the current climate and nature crisis. Topics included Emissions & Feedback Loops, Soil & Food, and Technological & Nature Solutions. Pupils heard from young people from around the world who are taking positive action in the face of the climate and nature crisis.

Pupils took away an understanding of the key climate concepts with a focus on nature at the centre of it all. They learned about putting nature first and how they can always ask the question, “Yes, but what’s the impact on nature?”

This event coincided with the COP26 Conference taking place in Glasgow, which brought together world leaders who are working together to tackle the rapidly accelerating effect climate change is having on our world and how each country can reduce this effect.