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Chinese New Year marks the start of a new lunar year. On 12 February 2021 girls celebrated online together with a whole host of activities, videos and performances.

Joyce and Molly introduced the history of the year of Ox, traditional food and festival activities. Luna, who is from the southern Chinese city Suzhou, introduced us to her hometown. Former student Natalie produced a video about ‘A day in Xi’an’ and two Year 11 pupils, Amanda and Joy, performed a traditional Chinese dance ‘Shan gui’.

Two pupils, who are non-native speakers, showed off their linguistic talent. Victoria, Year 10, read her Chinese essay ‘My friends and me’ which was published in the Chinese newspaper; The People’s Daily Overseas Edition. Filelu, Year 11 read her two minutes speech ‘My School’. Filelu is taking part in the annual British Council Mandarin Speaking Competition on 24 March, we wish her the best of luck.

Thanks to Annie, Year 13, for hosting the enjoyable Chinese New Year assembly and Timmy, Year 13, and Alvina, Year 12, for translating on the day.