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A group of Year 10 had a fantastic day at the Cheltenham Science Festival on Friday 10th June.

We spent the whole day in and out of lectures and enjoying the festival activities. In the first session Engineering with nature material scientist Mark Miodownik and engineers, Ravinder Dahiya and Grainne El Mountassir discussed how the natural world can be used for creating things such as living roads that could mend themselves.

In the session on The Philosophy of Time, physicist Jim Al-Khalili and philosophers of physics Karim Thébault and Bryan Roberts called on us to re-think our conceptualisation of time itself and discussed the role of philosophy in science.  

In the third session, Transformer: The Science of Life and Death, biochemist Nick Lane discussed how he was working on the building blocks that create life itself and the discoveries that had led him on this journey.

After the fourth talk, Black Holes Uncovered, we were able to ask our own questions to two of the presenters, black hole physicist Silke Weinfurtner, and astronomer Imogen Whittam, about event horizons and the potential energy of black holes.

Finally, for the last session forensic anthropologist, Sue Black gave a fascinating explanation of how the examination of bone can reveal so much about the life and death of a person. After the talk pupils were able to buy her book and get it signed.

We had an amazing day that left us with lots of questions about the nature of life, time, and space. It was a great opportunity to hear experts in their field talk in-depth about the cutting edge of their research and the new ideas and theories that are currently being explored.  

Written by Dr Jones, Head of Library & Enrichment