We’re doing our first online Reunion for all 1980s leavers... please come and join us on Saturday 28th November at 11 am via Zoom...

As everyone is aware, we can’t do events in person, but we’re not going to let that stop us attempting to do a reunion online instead. This should have the added bonus of making it easier for all of our alumnae who are based overseas to join us as well.  

Please spread the word amongst your friends and contemporaries, and encourage them to sign up on the form below. 

The morning will include: 

  • Virtual School Tour (MSJ today) 
  • Welcome from the Headmistress, Mrs Olivera Raraty 
  • Archive display of photos and items from MGC in the 80s 
  • Memories from an 80s Leaver(s) and/or Head Girl(s) 
  • Memories from an 80s Member of Staff 

Zoom Reunion: depending on numbers, we will organise you into year groups so that you can join Zoom sessions with your direct contemporaries. Former staff can drop into each group to say hello.  

Sign Up Today

We will roll out more Reunions for each decade and founding school as we move through the year. All Old Girls are welcome to join the general parts of this session if you wish – ie the Tour, Headmistress’ Address, Archives etc.