The Old Girls' Association are looking for a volunteer(s) with a few hours a week to spare to come in to assist with The Archives Room and its contents.

The ideal person will have an interest in the history of the Schools and have the ability to organise the Archive contents into an order where items can easily be searched digitally and physically.  

Basic computer skills would be desirable (Excel and Word) in order to log contents and to respond to internal and external queries.  

A searchable log will make it easier for teachers and pupils to request materials relating to curricular/extra-curricular projects, and for the Development Office to locate items for social media posts, events and presentations.  

Tasks may also include dealing with archive requests from Old Girls and others with an interest in aspects of School history, and cataloguing Archive donations.  

The role could be a joint one, if anyone is interested in applying along with a friend. If you’d like to know more, please email contact Phillippa Weatherhead or Fiona Meredith.