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Remote learning hasn't stopped our Drama Department from rehearsing and being creative online. 

“All the world’s a stage” and Year 7 and Year 8 Drama Club are certainly living up to this.  

From page to stage, from sofa’s to screen ... the passion and determination from such a fabulous collective of students has driven this term’s efforts to keep the joy and fun of Drama alive.

The girls have excelled in many different challenges so far. Learning material, scripts and choreography from ‘Matilda the Musical’, all remotely.  Enjoying our weekly warm-ups, learning tutorial videos of choreography and working hard on characterisation are just some of the tasks every girl involved has accomplished.  

We are excited to see how this can blossom into a brilliant show!

Year 7 and Year 8 Drama Club

The Archers? Podcasts? Audiobooks? Year 9 are the revolution of Radio Plays this term. As they embark on the rehearsal process of “The Marvellous Mellow Melodrama of the Marriage of the Mislaid Minor”.

Taking full advantage of this remote learning to use props, sound effects and voices within our own home to create an atmospheric storyline for the listener.   The girls are working towards a live recording of this play, so watch this space for our performance coming soon.

Year 9 "The Marvellous Mellow Melodrama of the Marriage of the Mislaid Minor”

Year 12 Drama students have had a busy term, watching online productions, enabling them to go to the National Theatre from their sitting room.

‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ has been a definite favourite, with phenomenal acting, this exciting production was inspiring, making the group even more keen to get back to performing themselves. 

Gillian Anderson was amazing, delving into the very soul of Blanche, although some members of the group found her voice jarring as she spoke so slowly in her questionable Southern drawl! 

Nevertheless, the staging was clever, and the revolve, well, we now have plans for when we get back to school.