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MSJ Boarders have had a whirlwind of excitement so far this term; from adrenaline-fueled days at Alton Towers and riding the water on paddle boards to some laid-back retail therapy in Cheltenham. It was a term filled with diverse activities, here is a recap of their adventures.

Alton Towers- A thrilling adventure

The term kicked off with a bang as the pupils embarked on a day of exhilaration at Alton Towers, one of the UK's premier amusement parks. With an array of thrilling rides and attractions, it was an adrenaline rush like no other. The laughter, screams, and shared excitement created unforgettable memories and strengthened bonds among the girls.

Paddle Boarding - Balancing on the water

The girls decided that they would like to try their hand at paddle boarding. So ventured to the Oxfordshire countryside. This serene water activity allowed them to embrace the calmness of the water while testing their balance and coordination. 

Karaoke night - Unleashing the hidden diva

Karaoke night was a perfect opportunity for pupils to showcase their singing talents and have fun with their friends. Girls living in Austen are able to make use of the school facilities - a perk of living in the main school building - and belted out some classic tunes with the help of the projector and sound system in Lawnside. It was an evening filled with music, laughter, and unforgettable performances.

Taskmaster - A Game of Challenges and Fun

The girls took on the challenge with enthusiasm and humour as they embraced the tasks and worked together to conquer and solve unique puzzles and challenges, held in York Hall. 

Cheltenham Trip: Retail Therapy and More

In need of some retail therapy, the pupils embarked on a trip to Cheltenham. This charming town provided the perfect backdrop for shopping, exploring, and even crazy golf! The day ended with a special trip to the cinema.