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Academic Prefects Doxa and Audrey designed their own environmental themed Escape for pupils to try. The game ran for two sessions, one for Year 7 & 8 and one for Year 9. 

Players were introduced to the scenario through a video. It was revealed that the power to the library would be shut off if the reboot button was not pressed. Each team had to solve a series of clues in order to calculate the right answer that would release the next set of clues. They had an hour to assemble the puzzle pieces collected at the end of each set of clues, to make a jigsaw that revealed the final clue and the location of the reboot button!

With some help from Year 13, Doxa and Audrey set up the game and managed the clues whilst the teams searched the library to find maps, newspaper articles and hidden books. As time ran out, the doors of the library began to close. Fortunately, the clues were worked through, the final location of the reboot button was revealed, and the power was restored in both sessions.

The game was great fun and pupils learned about pollution levels, global emission agreements and CO2 levels along the way.

It was a triumph for Audrey and Doxa who had meticulously planned the whole scenario and shown great leadership and creativity in orchestrating the event.