• Sixth Form

Last weekend marked an exciting event for our Year 12 and 13 Art enthusiasts, who dedicated an entire weekend to the captivating world of portrait painting. Guided by Guest Artist Mike Bagshaw, a distinguished artist with a recently published book detailing his own working practices, this artistic journey unfolded as an immersive experience of learning, creating, and self-expression.

Pupils delved into the realm of paint, charcoal and chalk, in preparation for the ultimate achievement—a portrait in oil on canvas. The girls were eager and inspired, crafting their initial drawings with brushes. The room was filled with the smell of oil paints, as pupils watched Mike Bagshaw, our esteemed visiting artist, work on his own portrait. It was a fantastic opportunity to witness the intricacies of an artist's process firsthand.

Art, as we know, is an unpredictable journey. A last-minute cancellation of our original model due to illness presented an unexpected challenge. However Head Girl, Vicky, graciously stepped in as the model. This unforeseen twist meant pupils needed to adapt and collaborate, turning an obstacle into an opportunity for collective creativity.

Mike Bagshaw's presence added a layer of depth to the weekend. His informative tips at various stages of the composition, coupled with his hands-on assistance and support, elevated the pupils' work. He was very complimentary regarding the talent of the girls involved and the end results were both expressive and highly accomplished.

The dedication and concentration of each pupil was palpable throughout the weekend, resulting in a fantastic array of styles and personal successes.