• Sixth Form

Sixth Form pupils enjoyed a day exploring the wonders of London's museums, from the Science Museum to the Bank of England Museum, the day was a whirlwind of fascinating discoveries.

The day started at the Science Museum, with the 'Who am I' exhibit - a gateway into the complexities of the human brain, from understanding how DNA is used to catch criminals and solve crimes to an audio interview with Patient HM a key figure in memory studies. The display on phobias was both eye-opening and visually impressive, shedding light on the quirks that make us human and bringing psychology to life.

Next stop: the British Museum, where history unfolded before their eyes. The Rosetta Stone, a puzzle piece in deciphering ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, was awe-inspiring. The Parthenon friezes sparked lively discussion about their potential return to Athens, and ancient Greek life came alive through vivid vase paintings.

The afternoon was dedicated to finance at the Bank of England Museum. They learned about its history, how it operates, and why money matters in the world of economics. For business and economics students, this was a practical glimpse into the workings of a financial hub.

On the way home the girls reflected on their newfound knowledge across such a mix of subjects. Each museum visit gave us a new perspective, weaving together science, history, economics, psychology, and classics into a tapestry of understanding.