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Year 9 had three days to choose a topic, do their research, plan a social media campaign and create their final event to showcase to their year group.

The aim of the three days was for each group to identify and amplify an issue that was important to them. Allowing them to identify ways in which we can effect a change. This was a tough challenge, but all the groups rose to take it on in their own way.

On day one, we saw the groups getting into their research, finding out more about their topic and developing their main focus. We had Mrs Bradley and Mrs Wilkinson talk about their involvement with their chosen charity and how they wanted to make a difference.

Mrs Bradley taught us about inclusion by sharing some Makaton signs and Mrs Wilkinson talked about her role as a trustee with Hope Support Services.

On day two, groups were given some expert advice on social media campaigns by our marketing manager, Ms Brookes. The groups then shaped their own messaging and developed their main event.

The final showcase saw creative, thoughtful, and fun presentations. Body image was embraced through the use of a fashion show that had models walk the runway in celebration of all body types.

We had a quiz on education around the world that highlighted inequalities, and a TED-style presentation that looked at how race and feminism intersected. 

We also had an animation made by one group to highlight the problems pets face through breeding and abandonment. 

The group discussing period poverty had a memorable campaign as they made props and a giant frame with their key message which they used to invite fellow pupils to use to show their support.

Throughout the project, teams developed key skills such as task management, communication, creative thinking and time management.