Sports Scholarship

At MSJ, Scholarships acknowledge exceptional individual ability and talent in a particular area. We welcome applications for Sports Scholarships at 11+, 13+ and 16+, which are awarded on merit.

Becoming an MSJ scholar means striving for your best and sharing that passion with others.


The Malvern St James Sports Scholar:

  • Commits to all clubs and training, strength and conditioning sessions both as a group and as an individual following their training programme.

  • Commit to matches representing the school.

  • Responds positively to guidance, works well in a team and is an outstanding ambassador for the school.

  • At Sixth Form assists with coaching and development of other school sports players.

Applicants should:

  • Have an obvious interest in/aptitude for sport.

  • Be playing their chosen sport to a high level e.g. county level. Preference will be given to those involved in one or more of the school’s representative sports.

  • Aspire to GCSE PE in Years 10, 11 and BTEC in the Sixth Form.

Sports Scholarship Assessment:

Applicants should have considerable potential; ideally, they will already be achieving the best possible marks in their field. In addition, applicants should be outstanding role models for other girls.

Apply online:

Scholars benefit from:

1:1 Training Programme Planning, Group strength and conditioning coaching, support specific small group coaching sessions for major school games and regular mentoring with a member of the PE Department