Product Design Scholarship

At MSJ, Scholarships acknowledge exceptional individual ability and talent in a particular area. We welcome applications for Product Design at 13+ and 16+, which are awarded on merit.

Becoming an MSJ scholar means striving for your best and sharing that passion with others.


The Malvern St James Product Design Scholar:

  • Has an overwhelming enthusiasm for the subject, pursuing their passion beyond the classroom, seeking out extracurricular opportunities such as a hobby, craft or innovation activity. 

  • Demonstrates curiosity as they move through the iterative design process and proves resilience and determination when developing high quality products.

  • Promotes and supports all Design and Technology Department activities including Open Mornings, STEAM events and national design competitions.  

Applicants should:

  • Have a clear passion for an area of the subject; designing, manufacturing, innovation or material development. 

  • Have knowledge of designers, both past and present across a range of design fields.

  • At 13+ attend weekly DT club and enter national competitions.

  • At 16+ be able to devise and implement, in discussion with the Head of Subject, a programme of activities to deliver as part of the popular DT Club. 

  • At 13+ expect to study GCSE Design and Technology in Year 10 and 11 and possibly beyond.

  • For 16+ study A Level Design and Technology and possibly pursue further training and a career in Design, Technology or Engineering. 

Product Design Scholarship Assessment:

Applicants should have considerable potential; ideally, they will already be achieving the best possible marks in their respective fields, whether academic or practical. In addition, applicants should be outstanding role models for other girls.

Apply online: